Future Band Members 

                                                                                                         Why join Band? 

In the Fredericksburg Band Program we teach our kids a number of life skills outside of those necessary for playing an instrument. We teach our students organizational skills, effective communication, long term patience and effort on a given task, self-confidence, coordination, teamwork, conceptualizing, and discipline, all while teaching them how to play their instrument! 

Additionally, there is a lot of research on student’s participation in band and the positive results students see. Being in band can:

                                                                                                   Instrument Selection

Each spring, the band directors will do an instrument evaluation on students to determine what instruments students will play in Band. There is no musical experience necessary, but students do need to have an open mind to what instrument they will play starting in 6th grade. Sometimes what instrument a student really wants to play is not the instrument that they will be most successful on. Instrument selection will be based on physical characteristics, pre-determined instrumentation needs, instrument availability, etc. Students interested in percussion will test on all of the wind instruments first, then will meet with Ms. Spencer for a special percussion test. 

                                                                                          Instrument Placement for 2022-2023 

Instrument placement for the 2022-2023 school year has already happened, but it is not too late! If your student would like to be in band please contact Mrs. Oreka at bonnieo@fisd.org to get started! 

                                                                                        Instrument/Materials for Band 2022-2023

Students and Families are responsible for supplying their instrument materials (listed on the materials sheet given out at the reveal party) by the first day of school. We highly encourage all students to find their instrument materials early so they have time to shop around and find the best deal. If there are any questions concerning instruments or materials, please contact Mrs. Oreka.  The students will need to bring $7 for their band binder during the first week of school, and this will be all of their classroom supplies.  

When you click this link, it will take you Hillje's website. Just search 'Fredericksburg' , then select your students instrument, then load your cart with the necessary accessories, check-out, and then those items will be delivered to the FMS Band Hall before the first day of school!